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Project & Programme Implementation

Scarff Property Management provides a low cost solution for managing projects.

We achieve effective project management through:

  • Highly skilled project managers, CAD team and engineers
  • Respected contractors and consultants
  • Excellent quality reports and tracking methods in all stages of the project

By choosing Scarff Property Management, you will have access to the following resources:

  • An efficient team of project managers, target driven to deliver each project within deadlines and strictly in accordance with the specification guideline(s) – saving clients time and money by utilising our unique in-house software to enable one project manager to simultaneously run several projects. Sophisticated software is used for high level project and programme planning (resources, progress of works and financial overview)
  • Readily available specifications for all categories of work
  • Administration of all documentation
  • A highly-skilled CAD team providing the highest quality electronic/hard copy drawings (electrical and mechanical). Sample drawings available on request
  • Our contractors are highly experienced in carrying out statutory compliance works (delivering surveys/inspections and remedial works according to survey recommendations)
  • Highly skilled engineers, in-house and consultant, are available on an ad-hoc basis
  • We provide an electronic project tracking system, which enables us to monitor and control every stage of a project
  • We have a very strong reporting system, providing reports from various angles to view a project or programme’s progress and to present actual and forecasting trends of development. Reports are designed to suit stakeholders’ requirements to view a project or a programme’s progress on both lower and higher levels
  • We provide financial reports to indicate actual spend and forecast costs to deliver the whole programme of works