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CAD Services

Our highly skilled Computer Aided Design (CAD) draftsmen are very efficient in delivering any required Electrical and Mechanical drawings.

Certain categories of work within the Statutory Compliance programme, for example Electrical Inspection and Testing, require accurate drawings. An Electrical Test Preparation Survey is conducted to produce the exact location of all the electrical switch boards, detailing the information needed to be able to carry out testing. We then use CAD to prepare these drawings.

The final drawings will be in electronic CAD format on our system, which will be updated automatically by uploading an Excel spreadsheet.

These drawings are called intelligent drawings and contain a large amount of information; this information is downloaded from drawings and uploaded onto drawings. This saves a great deal of the client’s time and money by using fewer technical man hours than is usual. Also, by making drawings so easy to update, administrative staff would be able to make changes, rather than hiring highly-skilled CAD draftsmen and paying hourly market rates for redrawing.

We use BS industry standard symbols which are listed and explained on the drawing above the title block.

Ductwork surveys also require CAD drawings to determine the quality of the ductwork and equipment within the ductwork and assign asset numbers for all the equipment. All the information on these drawing is uploaded from Excel spreadsheet, through a user-friendly front end.